Saturday, April 21, 2018

Legend Affiliates Launches New Casino: Roaring 21

Legend affiliates have just launched their third amazing online casino brand called Roaring 21 casino. And, from 'an affiliate's standpoint' - When words don't cut it, let the image speak for itself.

Legend Affiliates

Roaring 21 launched April 20th. And with a roar so to speak. We are expecting hundreds of signups to follow the next few days only. 

Are you an aspiring casino affiliate looking for real reliable online casinos? 

Casinos where you can be sure of that your players will be VIP treated all the way and then some? Then you should seriously check out Legend Affiliates with your traffic.

Three different top online casino brands you can rely on. Customer support you can rely on, no negative carry over and a team who understands what it is what successful gambling affiliates need.

Contact Martyn Beacon and cut yourself a nice deal. Start with up to 50% commission for your first two months promoting these truly awesome casino brands.

Help reset the standards in the online casino industry by promoting these online casino brands who are known to always put the player first.

Visit Legend Affiliates and sign up.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Another Insane Crazy Month! Legends Casino Affiliates

I've been a little busy the last couple of weeks, but I thought I'd give it yet another amazing Legends affiliates results update. And, what a month it has been. We've seen the launch of Cherry Jackpot Casino on the third of October. What happened next you can see in the following image:

 Check out Legends Affiliates!

What a launch it was. I truly enjoyed every day of it, and the results are something I have not witnessed in the last 5 to 7 years or so. In less than 30 days of the casino being online, we received 319 sign ups and an amazing 23 ftd's. (!!)

Need I say more? Sign up as an affiliate right now, and you can get up to 50% commission if you ask Martyn, who is the affiliates director, for it. He'll be glad to give this percentage to you. (Don't know Martyn? Read about him in an earlier post I did on this Legends Affiliates blog)

The first online casino, CasinoMax also performed better as any of the other USA online casino affiliate programs out there recently are doing.

CasinoMax gave us a nice 69 new sign ups and  7 ftd's. Some rather big ones too. As in, big first deposit amounts. CasinoMax truly attracts quality players from a casino affiliate perspective. 

So, a total of  388 new sign ups in one month, and, a total of 30 FTD's. That's frigging amazing!!

All the reasons for you to sign up and become a CasinoMax affiliate as well as a Cherry Jackpot Casino affiliate. Enjoy 50% commission the first two months. Sign up now. Contact Martyn Beacon immediately when you're done. Tell him you want the 50% and start promoting these two casinos asap.

You're losing out. Online casino affiliates (with USA and Australian traffic) should sign up and  reap the big benefits of the redefining of standards in the online casino industry. CasinoMax and Cherry Jackpot have done just that. We finally can send US players with confidence. Knowing they will get the best possible treatment. Plus, not the least important: We're getting paid for it.

The online casino brands both convert extremely well. ALL Players can truly rely on the casino to be fair and that they are placed above anything. Affiliates can be sure to be treated as partners.

There is no bundling and NO Negative carryover. Sign up now and contact Martyn Beacon.

This will be the last update for a while, unless of course something crazy happens. I am not exaggerating here, you should sign up. Start promoting these two new casinos as people LOVE them.

As more and more people finding out just who it is that runs these two casinos, they are practically trampling over each other right now to get to these casinos to start playing. If you want to be part of this and earn your share, then sign up right this very moment. You won't regret it.

Tell Martyn that Lisa said hi, and he'll straight away give you that 50% commission!

Sign up. Now. You're practically losing out on a lot of money. Your players will love playing in these casinos and they will be treated like kings and queens.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Legend Affiliates 1 Month Results: 89 new signups & 13 FTD's

Legends Affiliates One Month (September) Result:
89 New Players & 13 First Time Depositors:

The results you see above are from ONE casino only. CasinoMax. One casino. 89 new sign ups and 13 real depositing players. I can add to this, that today, on October the 1st, the first new depositing player in CasinoMax for the month October has already been registered.

Another reason to sign up is that Legends are launching a new online casino. Perhaps even a better one than CasinoMax. This new casino is called Cherry Jackpot Casino. They are offering new players up to $20,000.00 in welcome bonuses, accept players from the USA, Canada as well as from Australia. Cherry Jackpot is set to launch on Tuesday coming. So, you don't have much time.

The team behind this all? Read my previous Legends Affiliates post about why you should sign up with Legends and all will become clear. It's Martyn Beacon and his team. The same casino manager that made the 'Club World Casinos' so great, is now the casino manager for the Legends group of online casinos.

I can write and write and write more. But, look at the above image, and tell me you do not want to enjoy results like these? Need I say more? Sign up as casino affiliate right now.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

#1 Casino Affiliate Program: Legend Affiliates (Martyn Beacon Is Back!!)

Legend Affiliates: Best Casino Affiliate Program For US Traffic!

Let's not waste your time. You came here because you want to sign up with a casino affiliate program that is guaranteed to pay you every month, has no negative carryover, does not impose any limits, and that works with 100% US friendly casinos known to put players first. In that case:

When you are a casino / gambling affiliate and looking to convert your US traffic in to depositing players with a casino they can count on, then I highly recommend signing up with Legend Affiliates.

I have been a casino affiliate for more than 12 years now. And 10 years out of those 12 years, I have had the pleasure to work with one amazing person who goes by the name of :

Martyn Beacon!

So you could say that after working closely together with him for over ten years, I have quite a bit of personal experience of what it is like, working with Martyn Beacon.. I can say many things about him and all of them are good, but one thing stands out. He's been there for me through thick and through thin. Or, with other words, through good times and most certainly during bad times.

He is the kind of person who will always do anything he can to be there for you, and for all other affiliates, as you will find many of them talking good about him. And, being nominated for all and actually winning three 'best affiliate manager' awards is not something that comes by itself.

You've got to earn them in a highly competitive playground.

There are many great affiliate managers out there. Just not as great as that Martyn Beacon has proven to be. The casino affiliate program Legends Affiliates is set up and managed by Martyn Beacon. So, I can personally guarantee anyone to get the very best should they sign up as casino affiliate.

About Martyn Beacon:

Copyright Legend Affiliates
Martyn Beacon is well known name, and an even more well respected actual person in the igaming industry.

Martyn has earned several prestigious awards. Martyn has worked in the affiliate business / industry for more than 14 years now.

Out of those 14 years, 11 were spent in the online gambling / casino industry.  Martyn Beacon used to be the affiliate director at the once to incredible popular online casino affiliate program called Affiliate Edge.

It is with this program that I've personally worked with him for more than 10 years. If you want, you can read more about him here

Little side note: Martyn Beacon is personally responsible for the growth and success of the CWC / Affiliate Edge brands in my personal opinion, where he would for sure say that it was his team, and perhaps him a little bit too.

At Affiliate Edge he as the Affiliate director was responsible for managing the affiliate managers, the actual casino affiliate program and last but not least, the growth of the overall business for the 8 online casinos represented by Affiliate Edge.

Martyn's efforts during the ten years that he worked with CWC / Affiliate Edge seriously paid off and his department contributed 80% of all the traffic the Club World / Affiliate Edge casinos were receiving. That is quite a lot, and should make you as casino affiliate very excited.

3 Best Casino Affiliate Manager Awards:

I've mentioned it already, but just in case you missed it: Martyn Beacon has been nominated for the best casino affiliate manager in the iGB awards every single year since they've started. And, not just nominated either. Martyn won the award a total of three times.

On top of those three very important and valuable awards, Martyn Beacon and his team also collected the award for the best casino affiliate program..

Do You Need To Contact Martyn Beacon?

To get in direct contact with him you can use the contact form they have on their site. Don't forget to sign up as affiliate while you are there!

About Legend Affiliates Casino Affiliate Program:


"Legend Affiliates" home page.

So, we mentioned a few awesome key features already, let's have a good look at what you can expect once you signed up as affiliate with Legend Affiliates. 

Their Brands:

Or, brand rather. Right now, they have the first casino live. CasinoMax is their first online casino and it has launched just last July. 

CasinoMax - 100% USA Friendly!

The casino is powered by RTG and has 150+ casino games. Welcome Offers for your players are as follows: Slots Offer: 3x 300% upto $3,000, or $9,000 in total! CasinoMax also has an other Games Offer: 150% upto $1,500. On top of that, each new player gets 20 free spins each day, for ten days, which is 200 free spins on the slots.

CasinoMax is 100% USA Friendly and has no maximum cashout on any of their welcome bonuses. CasinoMax is available in Mobile, Instant Play, and Download. The casino License is held in Curacao. The casino manager is the same awesome person as 'that real good casino manager who used to work for the 'Club World Casino Group'. The one who made their casinos stand out from the rest because of the insane high levels of service. That one.

Your players will be in great hands, and they could not wish for a better US friendly online casino. Even CasinoMeister is full of praise, so you can be sure you will be promoting a solid set of the best online casino games backed up by a veteran team of industry specialists, who are working around the clock to deliver the best gambling experience to all your players.

At least two more new online casino brands are planned to launch under the Legend Affiliates flag, so all the more reason to sign up right now.

Your Commission:

First two months you will get the option to earn a 50% revenue share. That to begin with. After those two legendary months, you can earn up to 45% revenue share for lifetime.  And one thing you can be sure of with Legends Affiliates, lifetime does in fact mean lifetime.

Please note:

If you want to make use of the 50% commission deal for the first two months, you need to make sure to contact Martyn Beacon immediately after you signed up, letting him know you too would like to enjoy 50% commission your first two months. This does not go automatically after you sign up. Just make sure to ask the very moment you've received the welcome email after signing up. This way, you won't miss out.

No Negative Carryover.


Nobody likes to work with a negative carryover. Whenever one of your players wins big, Martyn will personally place this player in a so called 'ringfenced' mode.

This means, the player will not negatively impact your earnings the following month. As soon as the player lost enough chippies to hit zero again, he or she will be instantly placed back in your account, out of ringfenced mode, assuring you will earn revenue again from their play.

Truly awesome service. I've personally seen my monthly income vanish thanks to some of these big wins. And then, when Martyn ringfences the player, the income the other players generated counts again, making it so that I still earned a decent amount, even when there was such a big win.

Another thing I am 100% sure off is that you WILL get paid. Period. Each and every month, exactly on time, or probably a little bit earlier as they state in the TOS. Commissions are completed by the 15th working day of the following month.  You can be sure that you can fully trust Legend Affiliates.

2 Tier Commissions. 

Legend Affiliates has a two tier commission structure. This means, if you sign up another person to the program, you will earn 5% over their monthly income.

No Bundling. 


Negative commissions will not be bundled with the future brand casinos. So, if you earn $1000 with CasinoMax, but one of the players in the second (future) casino has a big winner, causing you to lose your commission on that brand, then this won't impact your commissions earned on CasinoMax.

With other words, your earnings are / will be per casino and can not impact one another negatively.

Getting Paid.


To be honest, here is the only small little bit of negative I was able to find. The minimum threshold for affiliates to get paid is set to $200. And, that is a little bit high for some if not most affiliates. I will personally ask Martyn again, if Legend Affiliates can please reconsider bringing that down a bit. They have their reasons for it, but, I will try to do my best to get it down to a lower amount.

Having said that, I believe you will quickly earn more than $200 anyways, so, you won't really notice it. However, if you happen to not earn $200 the first month, then you would still like to get paid your whatever money you've earned. I guess, $100, or $50 threshold would be better. But, as mentioned, you will earn more than $200 faster than you can blink your eyes.

Top Conversion Rates!

Legend Affiliates has a specialized team dedicated to conversion rate optimization, and they are working hard to continually strive to improve their conversions. The team take your conversion rate very seriously, it's the life blood of their business for us as well as yourselves.

Right now, at the time of writing this Legend Affiliates casino affiliate program review, you can get paid by bank and international wire. However, they are waiting for all ewallets and other payment methods to verify their accounts.

What payment options will be available?

US Wire, which will take 5 days, US Checks also takes 5 days, Non-US Wire, also taking just 5 days. Right now, they're waiting on Bitcoin, Neteller and Skrill to be verified and added to the payment methods for you to choose from.

Very Fair Terms And Conditions!


Finally a casino affiliate program that gets it!  

Very short, clear and transparent terms and conditions. Legend Affiliates operates an honest and transparent affiliate program. The terms and conditions are fair and honest. In a way, it actually protects the honest and hard working affiliate as much as that it protects Legend Affiliates.

What is it I mean with that?

Let's look at 2.14 Fraudulent Traffic = There are many variations of this including but not limited to... Traffic sent via illegal means such as hacking. Hacking is a huge issue for all other honest affiliates. It is great to know that you will be able to report a hacker, and that they will actually do something about it.

We have seen Martyn nuke numerous affiliate accounts proven to be associated with hackers. This has been documented in the important gambling and casino affiliates and webmaster forums like and witnessed by thousands. Even more praised him for it. As this is how an affiliate program should deal with hackers. Cut off their income. Give honest hard working affiliates protection and the fair chance they deserve. Thanks Martyn!

No minimum amount limits for first time depositors. 

No matter if you bring in 1 new depositing player, or 10. You will never be messed around with as far as earning less, earning more and what have you not.

There are those programs that will impose limits to their affiliates. If you don't bring in 5 new depositing players then they have the guts to bring your 40% commission right back to 10%. Luckily, Legend Affiliates has none of that rubbish.

They welcome every casino affiliate as a VIP. No matter big or small. You do not have to stress about whether or not you brought in enough players, you can just focus on bringing them in. And you can do that with a nice set of:

Top Online Casino Marketing Materials.

First impressions are important.  Legend Affiliates provides you with a real nice set of professional banners and other promotion material. Simply sign up and log in to your account. There you will find access to all of the banners etc.

Sign up right now. You are in fact losing money if you're not yet promoting as affiliate with Legend Affiliates and not yet promoting CasinoMax!

If you are not sure, or if you have any questions for Martyn prior to signing up then simply contact him right away. Send him a message with your questions and you will sooner rather than later find an answer to them.